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What is CSG?

With the idea that each organization and / or its programs exist within different organizational life stages, the best strategic plans and most realistic goals are made when that stage is accurately identified.  

The Organizational Life Cycle – What is that?

  • One main thought process behind the organizational life cycle is, “Biological model for organizational growth” as discussed in Modern Organizational Theory. 

  • Organizations, constructed and managed by humans, move through stages more similarly to human life cycles than a rigid structure. 

  • Many different theories and models have been developed over time on what those stages are.  

So why specifically do we believe in Create. Sustain. Grow. for nonprofits?

Because Nonprofits and their professionals carry the “hero’s burden”. 

This means the public good sectors are often tasked with filling in the societal gaps that government and private sectors are not willing to. This means that the public good sector will need to continue their services and resources for decades to come and so sustainability and reliable consistency is more important versus a sales or profit structured business model. 

The create stage is the part of the life cycle where a solid foundation and identity is still being figured out. 

This could mean you are still establishing basic procedures and systems, best practices, and basic functions. 

Perhaps your organization is ready to move on to sustainability, but some of your programs might still be in the "create" stage and that is ok too! Click the button below for resources that fit this stage. 


The sustain stage is the part of the life cycle where you might be figuring out what long term might look like and you have started establishing systems to get there.

This could mean you are evaluating your existent programs and revenue streams, trying to determine what works and what might not be working. 

Ignoring this stage and attempting to move straight into the "grow" stage is where organizations often experience mission creep or commit to long term hires and contract they aren't fully able to support. The button below will take you to resources to help ensure you become sustainable so you can eventually grow.  


The grow stage is the part of the life cycle where you have figured out your identity, proven you can sustain and manage change, and that you are now ready to grow and scale out.

This could mean you are starting to ask deeper questions and are striving to solve more complex issues. 

Perhaps your organization is ready to create new programs or start a capitol campaign or grow the team or anything else that might indicate growth! Use the button below for resources to help you get there.  


Take a CSG Quiz

and figure out what stage you might be in!

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The CSG Simple Prompts PDF

For an easy, simple guide to help you evaluate which stage your organization or program might currently be in.

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