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For when your organization or program is just being created.

You just realized you are probably still in the "create" stage of your program or organizational life structure. This exciting stage is a great one where "new energy" really thrives best. See below for the basic indicators and resources for this stage. 

Basic Indicators

  • You are thinking about starting a new organization or program, you just started one, or you already started one and you have only briefly been operational. 

  • You might not have policies and procedures in place, such as a gift acceptance policy or training manuals. 

  • You have limited to no staff or engaged committees set up. 

  • You might have started dabbling in fundraising, but don't have an established system for prospecting, soliciting, and stewardship. 

  • You aren't engaged in meaningful cashflow management systems yet. 

  • You probably don't have databases established and fully utilized. 

  • You haven't really conducted strategic planning. 

  • You might not be very representative of, or communicate well with, the community you serve.

  • You are struggling with finding, training, and retaining active volunteers including board members.  

  • Very few people know who you are or what it is that you do. 

  • Your programs aren't fully up and running, or if they are, there's not a fully articulated whole picture vision for how they achieve your mission. 

Resources helpful for this stage still in the works. Check back again at the end of August. In the meantime, check out our Helpful Resources page by clicking the tab on the menu at the top of this page for general resources. 

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