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You figured out a stage!

What does that mean?

This means you can now generally understand which resources and steps will best serve your organization or program at this part of its life cycle. The quiz and basic prompts are really meant as more of a guide - a way to start these conversations and evaluations. However, once you are able to understand which phase you might be in, you will better be able to plan goals and strategies that better meet you where you are.

What now?

Start the conversation

Evaluate your program, organization

Think about what that stage might mean for your current goals and systems

Think immediate and long-term

What can I change now to help get move from one stage to the next? What are some things I need to address as a long-term strategy? 


The create stage is the part of the life cycle where a solid foundation and identity is still being figured out. 

This could mean you are still establishing basic procedures and systems, best practices, and basic functions. 

Perhaps your organization is ready to move on to sustainability, but some of your programs might still be in the "create" stage and that is ok too! Click the button below for resources that fit this stage. 


The sustain stage is the part of the life cycle where you might be figuring out what long term might look like and you have started establishing systems to get there.

This could mean you are evaluating your existent programs and revenue streams, trying to determine what works and what might not be working. 

Ignoring this stage and attempting to move straight into the "grow" stage is where organizations often experience mission creep or commit to long term hires and contract they aren't fully able to support. The button below will take you to resources to help ensure you become sustainable so you can eventually grow.  


The grow stage is the part of the life cycle where you have figured out your identity, proven you can sustain and manage change, and that you are now ready to grow and scale out.

This could mean you are starting to ask deeper questions and are striving to solve more complex issues. 

Perhaps your organization is ready to create new programs or start a capitol campaign or grow the team or anything else that might indicate growth! Use the button below for resources to help you get there.  

Want a simpler guide with some basic questions? You're in luck! CSG simple prompts are a great starting point with some basic indicator questions.

CSG Simple Prompts_edited.jpg

The CSG Simple Prompts PDF

For an easy, simple guide to help you evaluate which stage your organization or program might currently be in.

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